Redesign a responsive website to attract more leads for the Journey to Wellness Counselling Centre

Redesigned the website, logo, & created a brand identity to improve brand resonance, user retention, the appointment-scheduling journey through research & iterative testing. Improved accessibility & content discoverability through curated content, brand guides, and information hierarchy.
That resulted in creating a cohesive and impactful brand identity, that resonates with the clients and enhances the centre’s credibility.
logo redesign, and website redesign, aligning their brand with their vision and values while effectively reaching their target audience.

Increase in website visits

increase in step completion rate

My roles
Logo Design
UX/UI Design
Adobe Creative
3 weeks

Design Process

User Needs
& Research
When Patricia and I first talked, she wasn't happy with the way her website looked. It was cluttered, inconsistent, and non-responsive, with no brand identity.

In other words, it was giving amateur, and she was far from one.

Since branding is more than just a logo or a name, and it represents the reputation the counselling centre, & its services, understanding her vision was a crucial step in our journey. So, I dived deep to understand her unique story, mission, and values, as well as her target audience and competitors.
Collaborating with Patricia, we focused on unfolding the following question:
Check out the website when Patricia came to me:
In collaboration with Patricia, I created the brand identity to reflect her vision of a clean and organized space, mirroring the clarity and structure she brings to her clients' journeys toward mental well-being.

Design system
  • Creating a design system
  • Accessibile & inclusive content
  • Easily find information about the psychotherapists
  • Quick access to the schedules and contact information
  • Discoverability of different services, offerings, and prices
User needs
Delving deep into the psychotherapy world, I gathered relevant information and research finding, to uncover industry trends And user needs.
Through this research, I was able to review 20+ unique user studies across the industry to determine what are the users needs, pain points, and frustrations. I explored the problem space and competitors  projects to identify important questions and best practices in the psychotherapy landscape.
Accessibility was an important factor in my design choices. From colour contrast analysis, to fonts readability, icons familiarity, & the discoverability of the content, I designed an accessible website for the target demographic. For example, if a design pattern is found okay to use by young adults, you may still want to know if this finding will also be valid for older generations.
Same goes with considering the needs of neurotypical individuals & neurodivergent ones, individuals dealing with colourblindness, or any disability.

Key insights on user needs
Redesign choices:
We've undergone a transformative journey, rejuvenating Journey to Wellness with a fresh website design, invigorating rebranding, and a refined logo, symbolizing peace, resilience, and empowerment.


The rebranding and website redesign initiatives have yielded promising results for our counseling center. Clients are engaging more actively with our online resources and booking appointments with greater ease, indicating a positive shift in their experience. The refreshed brand identity has resonated well with our community, fostering a sense of trust and reliability among both existing and potential clients. With increased visibility and improved user experience, we've successfully positioned ourselves as a leading provider of mental health support in our area. These outcomes reflect our commitment to enhancing accessibility, fostering connection, and delivering quality care to those in need.

Going Forward...

The lessons I've learned are the most important part of the journey.

Lessons learned

I am emboldened by the transformative impact of research-driven design and committed to leveraging these principles to spearhead future initiatives aimed at fostering innovation, empowerment, and entrepreneurship on a global scale. This project was a rollercoaster ride of challenges and triumphs. But it taught me invaluable lessons about design, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Moving forward, I'm pumped to keep pushing boundaries and making magic happen.

Thank you!

I hope you liked the artwork.
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