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Money well spent...


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Select Projects
Responsive Web Design
UX/UI Design, Responsive Web Design, Webflow Development
Counselling Centre Rebrand
Branding, Logo Design, UX/UI Design, Web design
Under Construction!
Social commerce platform redesign

UX Research, UX Design, UI Design

Coming soon!
AI generated recipe app

UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Design Guide, Branding

Recent work
Recent work
Landing pages
Mobile apps
UX research
User flows
Responsive designs
Usability testing
Brand guides
Design Philosophy
  • Collaborative
Co-Creating Solutions. I involve stakeholders early and often to understand needs, ideate solutions, and gather feedback, as well as engineers to ensure that design choices are technically feasible.
  • Curious
Always Asking Why. I approach every project with curiosity to uncover hidden insights & make new discoveries to get to the bottom of the problem. I continue to examine & iterate my design asking what if...
  • Research & Feedback
Understanding more about the problem space, considering potential solutions and learning about the customer, while monitoring its performance to discover ideas for improvement.

Passionate about art and tech, I love experimenting with new tools and technologies to bring ideas into life, and I'm always up for a challenge to expand my creative potential. I'm committed to creating accessible designs that are centred around empathy & equity, for gender+ minority representation. I know first hand how important and difficult it can be.

Hi, I'm Sima! 👋🏼

I am a first-generation followed-their-dream designer from the Middle East, and I'm currently enjoying life in Canada!

I have an extensive background in audio/video production, multimedia art, & education, which has allowed me to apply learning psychology to UX design decisions for an engaging user experience.

Outside of work, you can find me painting digital art, playing piano, or out for a run.

My digital toolbox
Google suite
Logic Pro
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Creative Suite
"Her easygoing nature made her a pleasure to collaborate with, fostering a productive and enjoyable working environment. Sima consistently displayed an outstanding work ethic, coupled with a remarkable talent for design"
Veronica Bringi | Product Designer
"Sima's technical skills are matched only by her compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to the project. Not only was Sima proficient in her role, but her punctuality and reliability were also remarkable"
Ramin Azodi | Host at Kenaresh Podcast
Recent work
Personal projects
Monas's Christmass

In 'Mona's Christmas,' I blend storytelling, art, & animation to craft a personal narrative inspired by my childhood memories. With themes of curiosity & the magic of Christmas, I illustrated & animated each scene, highlighting my diverse skill set & dedication to crafting immersive experiences.

Rozanak Psychology

Video editor & Animator
I worked with 'Rozanak Psychology' platform whose aim is to promote the knowledge of human and social sciences in Iran.

Magic Ball

'Magic Ball' is a claymation project that highlights my passion for animation and storytelling. In this project, I created a captivating narrative solely through the movement of a simple yet versatile object: a ball.

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